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following a few years of mainly writing and producing for others, TOBIAS JIMSON and MICHEL FLYGARE began piecing together ideas for a band of their own, combining indie-smartness with world-class songwriting. after a few months they were joined in the studio by vocalist STINA WÄPPLING, and NONONO was born.

Their early releases such as ’LIKE THE WIND’ and ’DOWN UNDER’ charted at number 1 on HYPE MACHINE which at the time was a huge deal for the music industry. signing with WARNER BROS in 2013, their single ‘PUMPIN BLOOD’ soon gained traction on an international level and the proverbial ball was set in motion. to date the song alone has sold 2 million copies -with impressive streaming numbers well over 100 million on SPOTIFY alone - and is awarded with a gold single, closing in on platinum status in the USA.

appearances on nationwide US tv-shows such as JIMMY KIMMEL and ABC MORNING SHOW with tens of millions of viewers and huge NORDIC shows like SKAVLAN, brought worldwide attention to the band. taking their show on the road, the fanbase was cemented on several US and european tours opening for bands like TWENTY ONE PILOTS, BASTILLE and FOSTER THE PEOPLE as well as performing at festivals such as LOLLAPALOOZA and FIREFLY.

PUMPIN BLOOD became one of the worlds most synched songs during 2013 and is to this day one of WARNER top revenue-driving songs within the synch- world. campaigns where the song was placed include APPLE, SAMSUNG, H&M, INTEL as well as some of the worlds biggest tv-shows such as THE VAMPIRE DIARES, GLEE, LONG SHOT, ENDLESS LOVE etc.

NONONO have released two full-length albums; ‘we are only what we feel’ (2014) and ‘undertones’ (2018) spawning several singles that climbed the charts and have been heavily synched. as undertones was released, WAONWWF saw a drastic rise in both streaming and synch-licenses.

2023 NONONO are celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Are they gearing up for a new release soon.....?

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