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hip hop 50

celebrating HIP HOP 50 – half a century of culture, rhythm, and revolutionary beats. as the music world commemorates this significant landmark, M.C. W.A.R., the oldest standing battle rap 'league', is proud to play its part in this grand tribute. we are releasing 5 standout battle raps, paying homage to the essence of this art form that has dominated global sounds for decades. competitive hip hop at its finest, on beats! giving you an unprecedented opportunity to own a piece of musical history while celebrating the genre's enduring influence.

"M.C. W.A.R. is more than just a platform for rap battles – it's a pioneering force that's reshaping the landscape of this hip hop. as the longest standing 'league' in existence, M.C. W.A.R. is redefining the norms for battle rap and emcee battling. with a storied history spanning several years, the focus is on organizing and regulating battles that encapsulate the very essence of hip hop's golden era.

our battles transport emcees back to their origins, where they deliver their verses over beats and infuse their punchlines with the rhythm's pulse. The beats may emerge from the skilled hands of producers or the spinning decks of DJs, but in either case, our battles serve as a captivating display of lyrical supremacy. M.C. W.A.R. transcends being a mere battle; it offers an immersive odyssey into the core of hip hop's legacy. through our platform, we honor the genuineness, rhythm, and talent that define the very essence of our cultural heritage."

the unforgettable rap rivalries

dive into a world where ATLANTA’S finest battle rappers clash! REGGIE P, with his strong reputation and notable performances on platforms like BULL PEN BATTLE LEAGUE and KING OF THE DOT, faces off against CHEF TREZ, another ATLANTA native who's dominated on the SMACK URL and RARE BREED ENTERTAINMENT leagues. they square off in "Try & Cook Me," an intense duel produced by NEWO THA KID and mixed by DJ RAZAH.

moving to the midwest, we have B MAGIC, the lyrical giant known for his dynamic verses and unmatched energy. In "40 Below" and "Different Type Ill," he goes head-to-head with east coast's J MURDA, a powerhouse recognized for his captivating delivery.

but the Atlanta scene heats up further with battles like "Trophy Ceremony" and "Sever Ties." here, REGGIE P returns to the stage to trade bars with AUTOMATIC RAY, a local talent revered for his fierce performances and hard-hitting verses. each battle, taking place in the legendary STANKONIA STUDIOS, promises lyrical prowess and energy, all crafted by NEWO THA KID and DJ RAZAH.

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