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out of breath

/ LNRZ, Reo Cragun, Deegan, Aly, Clear eyes, Bloody

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LNRZ is proud to present THE MULTICHAIN, the first music project to bring together three leading L2S on a single drop. In “OUT OF BREATH”, we’re showcasing some of our favorite LNRZ artists on anotherblock/BASE.

this line-up’s pretty wild, containing some of the most successful onchain artists to date: REO CRAGUN, DEEGAN, ALY, BLOODY WHITE, CLEAR EYES, & SUBB. we’ve got crazy raps from REO, DEEGAN and ALY over an even crazier beat by CLEAR EYES with additional production from SUBB and an absolutely mental outro by BLOODY WHITE. the voices you hear saying LNRZ are all members of our TELEGRAM chat.

LNRZ is an onchain distributor and creative incubator, focused on bringing great talent together and showcasing their work in innovative ways. we have a thriving community of like-minded collectors and artists, and hope you’ll become one of them after hearing THE MULTICHAIN project.

check out the full project at

reo cragun


the multi-talented rapper, singer, producer writes across various genres and can change lanes without a need to pump the brakes. whether incorporating elements of R&B, hip-hop, or electronic music, he pushes the envelope forward to create a fresh mix of interesting sounds and inspirations. in 2020 he went full time web3 and has been releasing music onchain ever since.



an often irreverent vocalist with a keen sense of pop and hip hop songwriting, DEEGAN first splashed onto our radar with his multiple features on DANIEL ALLAN’S OVERSTIMULATED EP, a landmark web3 release. since then he’s been part of our extended LNRZ family and a familiar face on SOUND.XYZ blending genres and styles as a vocalist and producer, often switching cadences and vocal inflections within verses.



ALY is an alternative hip-hop artist and producer who currently pilots airplanes while simultaneously dropping the dopest shit you’ve ever heard. he was selected as an inaugural member of our LNRZ FRESHMEN CLASS and his music has since grossed over 23 ETH from over 200 collectors. he brings an incredible standard of quality to his work as a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer.



CLEAR EYES is JEREMY LLOYD, multi-platinum producer / artist. a co-founder of LNRZ, he overseas the music department, serving as a mentor to the FRESHMEN CLASS – curating, producing, mixing and mastering various LNRZ releases.



BLOODY WHITE is a 23 year old producer and songwriter who will routinely blow your mind. 656 collectors have minted over three thousand of his music NFTs grossing over 88 ETH…we’re proud to have him as part of our LNRZ extended family.


22 year old JONAH ABRAMS aka SUBB is an AMERICAN producer and multi-instrumentalist from AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS. growing up playing the violin and saxophone provided a strong background in music, later helping him get into production. You may recognize him from HIDEAWAY on REO CRAGUN’S landmark FRAMEWORKS drop, and some of his credits include CURREN$Y, STUNNA GAMBINO, DJ LUCAS, WIKI and THAT MEXICAN OT among others.

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LNRZ, Reo Cragun, Deegan, Aly, Clear eyes, Bloody
out of breath



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