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Hate me

/ Lil Peep

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as an homage to LIL PEEP, the IIVI collective wanted to finish “COME OVER WHEN YOU’RE SOBER PT. 2” and bring that album's story to a close. the collective asked HANK SOLO to hop in the studio with them in london to try and work on some of the tracks, one of them being ”HATE ME” which peaked at #4 on BILLBOARD 200.
– it had only been a couple months since LIL PEEP had passed, so everyone in the room felt really emotional and sad still, especially with the power and raw beauty of his lyrics and vocal performance, says HANK SOLO.
”HATE ME” was created with everyone pitching in different samples, loops and drum stuff along the way. it’s a mixture of different elements and genre influences with some band instruments and classic sampling.
– it's absolutely one of my dearest memories and moments regarding music and I’m just very grateful that I got to be a part of that moment and LIL PEEP’s legacy.


HANK SOLO has done records for a wide array of artists such as LIL PEEP, AVA MAX, BROODS, CHEAT CODES, ALMA, LOST KINGS, MAE MULLER, JP COOPER, FELIX JAEHN and many more. he produced & co-wrote LIL PEEP’s “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL”, a song that ended up on PITCHFORK’s top 100 songs in 2018.
HANK’s been awarded the finnish GRAMMY (EMMA) twice in a row in the category “song of the year”, and also has the record for most streams in a day in Finland, as well as the most played song on radio the whole decade (2010-2020) with “2080-LUVULLA” by SANNI.

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